National Road Interpretive Center Adds Mural to Vandalia Dowtown

The National Road Interpretive Center in Vandalia, Illinois is happy to share the painting of a new mural in Downtown Vandalia.  The mural will be on the corner of 6th street and Gallatin on the side of the Fastenal building.

A group called the Wall Dogs will be in town starting Thursday, June 22, 2017 to paint a Transportation Themed Mural.

Why a transportation themed mural?

Vandalia was on the main line of the Illinois Central Railroad that crossed through the Vandalia Depot in the 1920s.

The IL Central started coming through Vandalia in 1854, adding the St.Louis to Vandalia to Terre Haute West route in 1867.  The Illinois Central Rail Road would ultimately become the Pennsylvania railroad.

The slogan chosen for the train crossing mural is “Nation’s Crossroads” which is the slogan that has been used in Vandalia for many years and featured on many of the high school graduate’s class rings.

Who are the Wall Dogs?

If you’ve ever been traveling and seen ads on the sides of barns they were most likely put on buildings by the wall dogs.  These men were hired to paint ads and because they painted on walls and worked so hard were termed Wall Dogs.

Stop by the corner of 6th Street and Gallatin in Vandalia and see the new mural being painted which should be completed in a short time.

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