National Road Interpretive Center to Celebrate 20 Year Anniversary

The National Road association of Illinois has it’s office right here in Vandalia, located at 106 S. 5th in conjunction with the National Road Interpretive Center.   The Associations is celebrating  its 20th  anniversary this year with a special open house during Olde Tyme Christmas.

The Association was formed to bring the communities along the National Road (US RT. 40) in Illinois, to preserve its history and educate our current population.

The congressional bill to build the road was signed by President Thomas Jefferson on March 29th, 1806.  It is the only totally federally funded highway ever built in this country.  It was built  to provide our citizens a more convenient way to spread out across our vast country to prevent other countries from trying to steal our land and to make more raw materials available to our factories on the east coast.

The National Road was to go as straight as possible across the country and to go through the State Capitals of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.  It never reached Missouri because it stopped here in Vandalia,  then the capital of Illinois, when the money ran out

The road was begun again in 1910 and was made up of all the existing roads and trails that stretched across our county and was called the Old National Trails Road.  It was then attached to the National  Road and became our first road all the way across our country. 

Because so many people used the road and populated our country it became known as The Road That Built The Nation.

The National Road Association of Illinois hopes to educate our current population in how our country was built, how the various cultures were utilized and shared and built our nation.

You are invited – so please come – to the  National Road Interpretive Center (between City Hall and the railroad) 106 S. 5th St. on Friday, November 10 (Olde Tyme Christmas) to help the National Road Association celebrate their 20th anniversary from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

Refreshments will be served.

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